I created https://github.com/xilution/xilution-react-todomvc to demonstrate how Beagily could be integrated into a real world project. This project features a React single page web application frontend integrated with a serverless Node.js backend. Best of all, the project's code has 100% unit test coverage!

The project source code includes comprehensive instructions and it only takes about thirty minutes to set up.

The frontend is hosted on AWS S3 and could easily be extended to be hosted with a custom domain name through AWS CloudFront. The Frontend is built with Webpack and uses Jest and Enzyme for unit testing.

The backend features an AWS SAM configuration which provisions an instance of API Gateway backed by several Lambda functions. The backend uses Joi for input validation, is build with Webpack and uses Jest for unit testing.

I'm hopeful that this example inspires you to use Beagily in your next project.