Here at Xilution, we subscribe to the notion that necessity is the mother of invention. We needed a way to automated our Twitter posts. We looked around and found several social media management platforms that could have met our needs; however, we passed. They were expensive, limited and quite frankly overwhelming.

So, as an API company, we set out to create our own right sized Tweet scheduling solution. About two weeks ago, we started working on a product we call Chickadee.

Chickadee is a no-frills Tweet scheduling API. The benefits to our API customers that activate Chickadee are...
  • Only pay for what you use pricing (regardless of scale).
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts.
  • Unlimited Twitter Posts. (Only restricted by the Twitter API throttles.)
  • Webhook for Tweet event notifications.
  • Auditable Tweet history.
  • REST API is interoperable with almost any programming language.
It's a testament to the Xilution platform that the product came together so quickly. We were using the API within a week and a half of concept inception. We've tested it ourselves and now we're ready to share it with the others.

We're seeking beta testers

We're actively seeking organizations to help us beta test Chickadee. If your organization manages one Twitter account or hundreds, we would like to visit with you and see if Chickadee is a good fit. We think the ideal fit for Chickadee is a tech savvy organization that has experience with the popular social media platforms and is dissatisfied with the costs and limitations. If you check these boxes, send an email to to schedule a demo. An onsite demo is available if you are in the Des Moines area.

Thank you for your help. We really appreciate referrals too!